Bamboo Silica

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This anti-aging mineral builds healthy bones, teeth, skin, and hair to keep you strong and supple.



Bamboo Silica provides plenty of this essential mineral to build our strength by improving the density of bones and teeth, maintaining ligaments and tendons, supporting joint health and our immune system, and helps build collagen for toned and supple skin.


Enerex Bamboo Silica helps you prepare for the years ahead by rejuvenating those vital keys to ageless skin – collagen and elastin – and stimulating growth and repair in hair, nails and teeth due to increasing the vital nutrient Silicon. Silicon may also alleviate eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Digestive & Gastro-Intestinal (G.I. Tract)

Silicon deficiency may be a cause of weakened digestion as we age. Enerex Bamboo Silica increases Silicon levels to help the body to absorb nutrients from food. It may also be helpful for the removal of toxins from the GI tract as a result of poor digestion, and offer gastric ulcer relief. 

Skeletal System

Enerex Bamboo Silica may help prevent osteoporosis, and re-calcify bones; Silicon plays a role in mineral absorption, vital to bone health. Silicon may aid in strengthening the musculoskeletal system, preventing joint/bone/muscle injuries, and helping them heal, and maintaining their strength and elasticity due to its role in forming collagen. This formula also contains calcium citrate.

Strength & Body-Building

Enerex Bamboo Silica is a component of athletes’ supplement regimes for joint health and flexibility, and strengthening the musculoskeletal system. Silicon may help prevent muscle/bone injuries and help them heal because it assists chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid to be deposited into cartilage, and helps form collagen in connective tissue. Silicon also makes mineral supplements more effective.

Cleansing & Detox 

Enerex Bamboo Silica is used in cleanse programs to help eliminate toxins including aluminum in addition to increasing the health and beauty of skin and hair, which are often reported after a detox program. Silicon plays an essential role in absorbing nutrients from food, especially Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.


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2 reviews for Bamboo Silica

  1. Emeli Y.

    I have been using enerex products for many years; mainly Occumax, Bamboo Silica and Friendly Trio. I am prone to allergies. I am pleased to say that none of these products triggered my allergies. This surely speaks to the quality of ingredients used by enerex.

  2. Kulwinder S

    I take the bamboo silica supplement from Enerex for strengthening the body inside and out (and for anti aging!).

    I also use greens, bamboo silica, and I am really excited to try the black oregano product as well as many others from Enerex. It is a wonderful brand and the products I have tried so far have been excellent. Health and overall well being has become my greatest passion and I have a story to share with the public and I can’t go forward without mentioning the positive impact these types of products have contributed. My goal is simple. To help others strive in their health.

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