Greens Mixed Berries

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Get your daily boost with organic superfood Greens Mixed Berries with antioxident power! Gluten Free!



A great way to start your day or perk up in the afternoon! Packed with nutrients, rich in chlorophyll, it helps with your metabolism to get you energized. These Greens are made with juiced superfoods grasses, not dried powders, providing you with more nutrition and live enzymes. Includes special probiotics, too. Boosts brain and immune function. Mixed berries provide antioxidants making this perfect for any pre-sport workout or to build endurance.

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Mixed Berries



173 reviews for Greens Mixed Berries

  1. Heather P.

    I have tried energy drinks before and was a bit hesitant because the ones i have tried, i really did not like. Having said that, i read the blurb on this, noted how different it was from the others and immediately wanted to try it out. I was lucky enough to be given free samples and with taking it first thing in the morning, there was a noticeable increase in energy level that lasted most of the day. The mixed berry with greens tasted better than I had expected – I would even say it tastes good ! no lingering aftertaste, a lot of healthy aspects to it with the probiotics added and this is DEF something that I would recommend..

  2. Mansoor S.

    It was such an amazing exp to try Green super food powered. I feel so good , after using it and it really enhance my energy and endurance with out any other bad effect on my body. Because I believe it is purely organic

  3. Vanna K.

    This blend was actually really delicious unlike most of the other brands. It tasted clean and refreshing and I really enjoyed it. Add it into your smoothie. You’ll love it. Will definitely recommend to anyone thinking of trying it or buying other brands.

  4. Rikki A.

    This is a great tasting product, and very good for you! I blended it with ice and some frozen mango for an afternoon pick-me-up and noticed an immediate improvement in my energy level.

  5. Maryam R.

    I really think this product deserves 5 stars because I believe it helped me a great deal. It helped reduce my inflammation and gave me lots of energy. I gave one of the packets to my friend who also has the same results. My friend also told me that it has a nice relaxing taste. Not more to be said except that I’m buying this for sure!

  6. Stephanie F.

    This is a lovely blending of veggies and greens. I usually prefer straight greens but this was definitely acceptable! After drinking half the glass, I already felt better. It just arrived today (as did my period) so it’s especially timely! I was having an awful day at work and feel calmer and in a much better move. Definitely going to purchase!

  7. Dana O.

    I made a wonderful banana, strawberry, blueberry, and apple juice smoothie with this. I found the taste to blend very well with my favourite smoothie blend. I found it was a nice pick me up. I was feeling rather weary and after I drank the smoothie I felt I had more energy.

  8. Pat S.

    I love the ingredient on this product ‘ORGANIC.’ And these are highly quality, high end ingredients. If it works with your body and serves as a permission slip to get into alignment, then do what makes you feel good.

  9. Nicole B.

    The taste is not as bad as I was expecting. A green flavour with a slight berry taste as well. I also noticed a boost in energy almost immediately after drinking this. I would probably buy this product to see it’s long term benefits of energy (instead of drinking coffee or tea) and to see how it can benefit my intestinal flora and digestion.

  10. Kim G.

    I drank it with water only and it tasted great and blended really well, even when just shaken. I would definitely buy this and love that it’s made in North America.

  11. Brian E.

    In an age where a lot of lifestyles are focused on weight loss and macronutrients, nutrients that contribute to overall wellness are often overlooked in our diets. Thankfully, products like Superfood Powder exist! Every serving of this powder contains a variety of extracts of superfoods, comprised of greens and berries. It also has shelf-stable probiotics (The Friendly Trio) for optimal intestinal health. Most importantly, each serving can easily be dissolved into a cup of liquiid which makes taking it hassle-free! I would definitely buy this product.

  12. Genevieve C.

    “It didnt taste like grass! This refreshing berry flavour was the perfect way to increase my vitamin intake! Loved it and posted about it on instagram @gencity
    Thanks Enerex!”

  13. Trevor F.

    I am a quadreplegic whose Spinal Cord Injury causes really slow digestion, after trying the green super food powder in water before a meal I found my meal digested a lot easier. First time I digested food with minimal discomfort!

  14. B H.

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for! Delicious greens, in an easy-to-use format. I’ve tried different brands before, but I think that this is my favourite kind that I’ve found so far. A great pick-me-up in the mornings and mid-afternoons!

  15. meredith h.

    I love the mixed berries greens powder! It blends well in drinks (I added it to smoothies) and the flavor is great – it tastes very natural compared to other greens products I have tried. I would definitely buy this and would be interested in other flavours as well!

  16. ANN E.

    I decided to try this with plain water on ice and surprisingly liked the taste of this dark green liquid, very refreshing and clean tasting. Definitely will purchase and see how effective it is.

  17. Shelley G.

    I tried the sample of Enerex Greens in a smoothie. I was very pleased with the taste. I have used other “greens” products over the years, and the Enerex product was definitely smooth and has good flavour. I also am please that the ingredients of this product are certified organic. This a healthy supplement to add into a daily meal plan.

  18. Sally C.

    I was skeptical about this product. When I mixed up the powder with water, it was a blackish green colour, not what I would call inviting. However, the drink was surprisingly sweet without being too sweet. There is a mix of supergreens and superberries in it. Although I felt quite tired before consuming Enerex Greens with Mixed Berries (it was late afternoon and I was ready for some coffee), I had more energy after the drink and didn’t feel like I needed the extra caffeine that day. It’s an added bonus that this is a Canadian product, and for me, a local product. It is also gluten free and vegan, unlike some similar products.

  19. hina s.

    I absolutely loved it!! I would definitely recommend it to family and friends!! And as you can tell, I am super excited that I have found this! I have been searching something like this for ages!!

  20. David J.

    This was very pleasant tasting and has a lot of nutrients that a body needs. I would buy this for my own use in the future. I use some other powders and have used greens in the past. I feel more energetic after taking it. I would recommend this to my friends.

  21. agnes a.

    I love this product for the energy and endurance that it provides. The taste is smooth and not fishy. To notice any reduction in inflammation and longer term benefits, I would have to try the product for about 1 week.

  22. Nathan L.

    Amazing, makes me feel a lot more refreshed the next day. Taste is definitely one that gets use to, but like anything it’s an acquired taste. Definitely would recommend.

  23. Helena G.

    I used this in the morning and it definitely worked for me. I really liked that it gave me an energy boost fairly quickly, which lasted all day. I would definitely recommend it!

  24. Nikki K.

    As a bikini competitor, I train hard and stick to a very clean diet. I try to avoid eating too many fruits due to their high sugar content. But nutrition and health are my upmost priority and therefore supplementing greens is a regular part of my meal plan. I usually use Vegegreens and quite happy with their product, but thought I would try Energex to see if I noticed a difference, The nutritional profile was great! I had blended the sample into a Whey Isolate shake, and the taste was great too. Mixed well. Unfortunately I had only received one sample and wasn’t really able to notice any effects of consistent use. I like the idea of aiding digestion and providing energy. Will need to purchase and try out over a week or two and really see the difference! Definitely not a bad product though 😀

  25. Jordann B.

    I’m a lover of green powders and have tried a lot of brands. I tried the Enerex greens blend with the mixed berries. It has an excellent variety of ingredients and mixes great into smoothies or even just water, which I personally love as it’s the fastest way to get a super charged pick me up. You DO need to shake it extremely well to be sure there are no clumps because then it doesn’t taste great, the lumps. Even my 6 year old or any kind the taste in her juice so it’s a five-star in my books!

  26. Jennifer L.

    I was surprised how well this tasted! Most greens are gross and I made it with a smoothie added bananas and stuff! I would buy this again!!!!!

  27. Kaila N.

    tastes amazing ! and helped me get up in the morning it gave me that extra little boost. i got the mixed berry and it was fantastic. I will be getting this soon to use every morning

  28. Tuen Wai C.

    I put my packet into a strawberry rhubarb smoothie to try. I could taste the greens but it wasnǽ¶?¶?t an overpowering flavour ǽ¶?¶? it still tasted great. And the bonus was that I did feel pretty good for the rest of the day energy-wise!

  29. John F.

    “Great taste! Energizing to get you started in the morning. Easy to mix with juice or water and make it a regular morning routine that is a healthy one.

  30. Alex K.

    I LOVED this. It was the perfect mix of sweet fruit and tangy veggies. I added it onto my rye crisp and tahini, and it was gone just like that. Delicious!

  31. Catherine L.

    I loved this product! A lot of powders taste awful when mixed with water and this one didn’t. I liked the taste and smell, it was easy to drink. I did feel a little more energized after I had the shake. It was a good shake with lots of benefits.

  32. Esther K.

    The taste is quite good! It has a slight fruity and sweet taste that doesn’t taste too green which can be a problem with other green supplements. You can put it in your smoothie but it’s good enough to drink with just water. This is definitely one of the best overall in the market right now. I highly recommend this product!

  33. Andy B.

    I deviated from the instructions slightly with my sample of energex greens. Instead of adding it to water, I dumped it into an organic fruit smoothie. The results were delicious. The product is similar in consistency and smell to pure matcha powder (something I’m a big fan of). If you’re not a matcha fan, this might not be fore you. I would purchase.

  34. Catherine M.

    I blended this into a smoothie, and that ensured that the powder did not clump. I took it in the morning before a workout, and I felt like I had more energy. Since the flavour was mixed berry, it tasted really good in my smoothie. I love how many different berries this blend includes, and it’s a great way to add more greens into my diet.

  35. Melody E.

    Enerex Greens was ABSOLUTELY fabulous. I loved the product, It didnt taste as i find most vitamin powders do. there was no gritty aftertaste in my smoothie which i really appreciated. the Mixed berries flavor was lovely. It really actually added and extra flavor component to my smoothie which i enjoyed. Usually with vitamin powders i try and mask the taste the best that i can because they taste horrible. I also found that i had an extra burst of energy in the morning that i am not used to so that was a lovely treat! This was an overall very pleasant experience and i would definitely purchase Enerex greens!

  36. Lai L.

    “I like the clean refreshing taste of the mixed berries flavour. It increases my energy and find I have endured more lapse in my daily workout.
    It also improves digestion; feeling not as bloated after a full meal.”

  37. Ying L.

    I like the clean refreshing taste of mixed berries in the Enerex Greens pack. It increases my energy to do more than I would have; and not as tired after a long day’s work. It also improves digestion and brain function to think clearly during work.

  38. Chung L.

    “I like the refreshing taste of mixed berries in the Enerex Greens pack. It was delicious in my milkshake and had increased energy in my daily work routine. It improves my digestion and brain function to make the right decisions and to think clearly.”

    Enerex Greens works effectively increasing my energy to do more than normal in my daily work. It improves my digestion and want to eat a little more as I feel not as bloated.

  39. yves l.

    This product is pretty good.Taste is tolerable and I also felt an increase of energy after drinking it in the morning.I only received one pack though.

  40. Chad D.

    I tried the enerex greens and blended it into a smoothie, which really helps make sure that there are no clumps. I took it before a hockey game, and it increased my stamina. This will be my new staple before hockey games, as it is much healthier than other energy drinks because it contains so many superfood berries and active greens. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which is really helpful.

  41. Tolulope A.

    I mixed a portion of my enerex greens with my daily smoothie and voila, it is a whole new twist. I love the taste and after-feel. I tried the mixed berries flavour and I love it. I also tried with water after my gym time and it tastes good and easy to swallow. I was skeptical because I don’t find it easy swallowing greens. This is palatable and inviting. it also makes me feel good knowing I am feeding my body with beneficial superfoods. I also feel a different kind of energy and vigor in me after taking it. I got it as a sample and I will surely purchase it.

  42. Carrie B.

    This super food powder is super tasty. I blended it in a smoothie because I thought that it might clump in water and it was great. Great taste, no clumps, and it wasn’t powdery or chalky. It defiantly provides a much needed “kick” in the morning!

  43. Ana A.

    I just received my enerex greens couple days ago. I shared it with my son. We both loved it. Amazing taste, along with all the nutrients. What’s not to love? I will definitely buy this for daily use, to keep me going through the day. I also suggested to my friends and colleagues. Love, love love it

  44. Calida L.

    I like this green supplement! The taste is unoffensive and even a bit savory. It does really taste refreshing and is easy to mix with a spoon. And of course has a wide variety of superfoods in it.

  45. Tamie K.

    I just tried Green Super food Powder by Enerex,i just empty a pre measured package which i think is great ,that i don’t have to measure it myself,it makes it fast easy to use and i put the contents in my cup with water and drank it straight ,it tasted great there was no after taste about five minutes drinking the greens i felt great , i had energy which i didn’t know i was sluggish feeling till after a glass of enerx greens mixed berries,i would definitely buy this product and drink it every morning before i start my day.

  46. Lawrence R.

    I received the enerex GREENS sample and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I had the mixed berries with water and the taste was really great, I had a good boost of energy for the remainder of the afternoon. The ingredients include all my favourite fruits and I would recommend enerex GREENS (mixed berries). I will try this product again #trynatural .

  47. Nicola S.

    I had this powder as a shake style drink after work! I felt it really helped me to continue my day whereas normally I would be tired and not want to do much when I get in. I would definitely buy this product.

  48. Tatiana Q.

    This superconducting powder tastes yumm6. It dissolves nicely and tastes like juice. I noticed a boost in energy. I feel better after taking it when I feel like I’m getting the afternoon crash.

  49. Amy W.

    This Greens Superfood Powder was great in my morning smoothie. It added a great flavor and it’s so good for you! Love it. I tried the sample size and then went out and bought it to make it a part of my everyday routine. It’s great!

  50. camille h.

    A high quality, tasty greens blend! I had the berries flavour and was concerned how it would taste with my peach/mango smoothie, it worked remarkably well.

  51. Aurea D.

    Loved the taste! Blended perfectly into my morning smoothie. Ingredients are stellar too. For any one looking to improve their health and get a mega-dose of nutrition in just 1 serving daily, you’ll want to try this formula!

  52. Kim D.

    Enerex Greens is a Superfood powder! I shook [not stirred:)] the mixed berries powder in cold water [not advised since there were little clumps of powder left; blend instead] and drank it. The mixture is not sweet, but has a milky flavour which is mellow and acceptable to any palate and/or digestive system. It also has a powerful green colour that makes you realize that you are doing your body a good!

  53. Lisa T.

    I honestly didn’t find this had much of a taste and thankfully it had no after taste. I read other reviews that said it didn’t mix well so I mixed it in my ninja. I found I had more energy and will definitely be picking up a package of this but I think next time I will add it to my protein shake.

  54. Melisa F.

    I really like this Powder. I use it in my smoothies, with great results. I found after drinking it in the morning I had a lot of energy throughout the day. I was a lot more productive. it tastes great and really aids in digestion. over all it is a great product well worth the price.

  55. Deanna D.

    Great taste! I had energy all day! Loved it and definitely buy. The texture was a hard to get used to but wasn’t terrible. The berry flavor was delicious!

  56. Stanley C.

    The product did not have a strong taste like some of the other products out there. After drinking this, I found that I had more energy throughout the days. At the end of the day, I would normally be worn out but I had the energy to go for a nice walk. I would purchase this product.

  57. Judy M.

    oh my goodness , taste great would definitely buy this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Andrew M.

    Green Superfood Powder is an excellent way to up your daily intake of nutrients and antioxidants. I drink a fruit smoothie every morning before my workout. I recently added this in my smoothie. I hate adding spinach and kale to smoothies because every time I add a sufficient amount, I am always able to taste it in the smoothie, no matter how hard I try to cover it up with other things. This product is completely undetectable in my smoothies, which is just what I was looking for. I can save my fresh greens for salads now instead of putting them in my smoothie.I used to hate drinking smoothies but now I look forward to my smoothie every day!

  59. Carolyn J.

    This was a great product! The consistency was good and the flavour was really good. It doesn’t taste like other green products that I’ve used before.

  60. Rita A.

    Yes I would recommend it! In fact, I’m going to post Enerex Greens to my Twitter Timeline… I used it in a Scrumptious Smoothie! There is a clean refreshing taste to it. It was most wonderful to get probiotics in Enerex! The ingredients are most of what, I prefer to put in my Smoothie, but can’t. Until you made Enerex Greens!

  61. Melanie H.

    I tested this out before one of my workouts. I made a strawberry banana smoothie. I felt a slight increase in energy and overall wellbeing. There’s so many great ingredients in here to burnish my body, love that! Will be using regularly.

  62. Kelley H.

    I tried the sample product that I received. I added it to my usual smoothie and wondered if it would add an undesirable “earthy” taste to it. I was very happy to find that not only did it not add an unpleasant flavour to my beverage but it actually improved the flavour! I was also thrilled that my usual smoothie was now even better for me with the addition of this product. I felt great to be drinking it and will be using it again soon.

  63. Brian U.

    I was worried that this product would taste too much like raw green vegetables but surprisingly the taste was quite good. Light berry taste when mixed with water. Noticed higher energy levels through the day.

  64. Lucinda K.

    Love the fact that there is so many antioxidants in one cup! Very good addition to a smoothie. I am not sure if I would buy it, but would recommend!

  65. Miranda R.

    I loved this as an addition to my morning smoothie, it didn’t have a strong plant based flavour and when mixed with fruit I didn’t notice it at all. It felt good knowing I added additional nutrients to my morning routine.

  66. Natalie L.

    I have never tried something like this before, but it really surprised me. I noticed a change in my body shortly after consuming it. It tastes good and really made a positive difference in my day. Which is awesome, because I suffer from fibromyalgia and have a hard time especially when it comes to energy and pain.

  67. Brenda L.

    I really loved this product and will be purchasing a full size for sure. I even looked at their other products. This gave me a boost of energy and made me feel full (this was not my intention). I used it before my workout because I felt a full breakfast would be too heavy. I didn’t feel bloated and had the energy to go full out on my morning workout. The only complaint I have is the taste because I am not a fan of berry flavoured products. The rating I am giving is for the product itself and not the taste.

  68. J.Michael P.

    Enerex Greens…..delicious and fragrant! I did feel like a had more energy. I regularly make vegetable smoothies. I added this to my smoothy and it added a great deal of flavour. I only received one pack and was notified that one more was coming. I can’t wait….

  69. Tina T.

    Delicious and the kids even liked it in a smoothie, and they are picky with sensitive taste bids. Would buy this product again for sure. Thanks for the trial samples.

  70. Mary-Jo H.

    I put Enerex Greens Mixed Berries in a smoothie I made the other day with yogurt, banana and fresh peaches. It had a clean, pleasant berry flavor which made my healthy smoothie go down really well! Afterwards I felt refreshed, energized, not to mention full throughout the morning! I will be making this a part of my regular morning routine.

  71. Ellen L.

    I used my Enerex Green Superfood Powder each morning in my smoothies. I found this product to be pleasant tasting and mixed well in the blender. I found that I had more energy the times I used this Green Superfood. I have spoken of this product to my family and friends and I will definitely purchase this product. Thank you #trynatural.

  72. roxanna s.

    I loved the taste of the Enerex Greens. The lightly sweetened flavor and knowing that it is so good for you made this product very enjoyable. The day that I used it I had more energy than normal, right into the evening. I also felt more alert with less ‘brain fog’. I would definitely recommend Enerex Greens to anyone wanting to improve their health and overall well being.

  73. Ayla T.

    “I really loved this! It is smooth and not gritty at all, but I did use my Ninja blender to whip it into water.
    I immediately felt the benefits. I felt hydrated, nourished, and my energy increased after just a few minutes.
    I totally recommend this brand.
    The only thing I would change is to make it organic, that would be a huge selling point to me and my family.”

  74. Sarah S.

    I really liked the flavor and found that it blended really well into my smoothie. It felt good knowing that I was getting more greens into my daily routine.

  75. Patti G.

    This product is nice in a fruit smoothie, adds a pleasant flavour and texture. I like it better than protein powders I’ve tried. I think it would take several doses to feel the full effects, but I would definitely buy it again.

  76. Tatiana M.

    Green mixture has a very pleasant taste with a very rich texture. After the felt itself vigorously full of vitality throughout the day. In terms of composition is very worthy.

  77. Jocelyn C.

    I love love love this product! I added it to my morning smoothie with banana, vanilla Greek yogurt, fieldberries and orange juice. The taste wasn’t affected, just the colour (from a usual reddish-purple colour to a bit green). Given that my family leads a busy and active lifestyle, the superfood powder is perfect for us and helps us get important nutrients. My husband is already planning to buy a big tub!

  78. kathleen c.

    I enjoyed my free sample of Enerex Greens. It made me feel healthier even when my diet wasn’t perfect. I would be tempted to buy it , especially if it was on sale.

  79. ivonne g.

    Love the taste, its fruity and delicious. Great that its gluten free and organic. Bonus that it contains s probiotics. Good addition to my smoothies, taste great, smells sweet and fruity! I do recommend this product and will purchase again.

  80. Danielle T.

    I was so pleasantly surprised by the nice flavour of this greens powder. I usually cringe at the super sweet, “berry flavoured” greens powder taste, but Enerex got this right. Not too sweet, just mild and smooth tasting. The only trouble was it didn’t mix well in water. It was a little chunky. I am still willing to try again with a little more vigorous shaking.

  81. Sivaruby B.

    Initially, I thought it looked really gross when I blended it with some frozen berries as the colour wasn’t that pleasant looking. However, it tasted great! I actually did find myself quite a bit more energised for about half the day and the ingredients are amazing and healthy.

  82. Ronald M.

    I have tried many energy boosting products on the market and I can say for certainly that this one by far is the best I tried. It’s not full of sugar or other unneeded ingreients,but just the right balance to give you day the boost of energy to get you on your way. A+++ in my book. Would certainly tell friends and family.

  83. Rehana J.

    I tried Enerex Greens and loved it! It is such an easy way to be healthy, just mix it with a drink and that’s it! You get the probiotics, the alkalinity, all in one drink. I rather have that then take different pills for probiotics and for alkalinity, etc. Moreover, I like the taste. I am going to use this product on a daily basis!

  84. Laura A.

    This was a great item. It was easy to mix in, tasted good (I am not a fan of greens but know that I need to have them). It didn’t leave any aftertaste in my mouth which I also liked.

  85. Heba M.

    The smoothest greens drink i have had. I cannot comment on the energy it gives me but the product is full of amazing benefits and the probiotics are the cherry on top!

  86. Tanya D.

    I tried Enerex Greens and loved it! You get the probiotics, the alkalinity, all in one drink.It’s not full of sugar or other unneeded ingredients,but just the right balance to give you day the boost of energy.all in all, its super healthy so I would buy more and continue adding it to future smoothies! I felt healthy after drinking it. Knowing of all the amazing ingredients that was put it to it made me want to drink it. It make me feel more energetic and focused. Would definitely recommend.

  87. Faiza S.

    I loved the energex Greens. its highly beneficial for health. I cud feel teh boost of energy after drinking it. plus it has probiotics and antioxidants which are extremely important for maintaining good healthy. its loaded with good stuff .

  88. Maria A.

    Enerex’s Green Superfood Powder is great to add in smoothies! It doesn’t leave such a discernible taste in your drink and it keeps you pumped for the rest of the day ahead of you.

  89. Cheryl C.

    Awesome and extremely water soluble product! Very unique product that had recently made its way into the market. Although I did not experience a huge new surge of energy, this product had 0 adverse effects. The packaging is very appealing and I can definitely see it as a household staple for many Canadians. I hope that this product will be sold at a reasonable price, but you definitely do get what you pay for. Perhaps this isn’t a superfood, but it definitely is quite nice. I would recommend this product.

  90. Wai C.

    Very very tasty. I did noticed I had a lot of energy but not in that hyped-way like how caffeine makes you. And did I mention it’s pretty tasty?

  91. Anandani D.

    Got this as a sample was excited to try it. Used this in my smoothie and I did gain energy. It does not have a strong taste as it blended well in my smoothie overall it’s a healthy alternative. I will buy again. Thanks Social Nature for the opportunity to try this product. I do recommended this to my friends.

  92. Bonnie H.

    Love it. Really like that the taste is mild. You wouldn’t even notice it in a smooth or some juice. I tasted it with just water and was impressed.

  93. Priya C.

    I loved this product! I love the easy packaging as I went on a small trip and took it with me! Loved the mixed berries flavour because it tasted natural and not artificial like many similar products often do unfortunately. The best part was how it boosted my energy and I found myself able to work out longer and have a much better overall workout (I normally feel like napping during my workouts!).

  94. Lesli C.

    I received a sample of Enerex Green Superfood Powder from Social Nature and tried it out today by mixing it with cold filtered water. It tasted great, a berry flavour and has given me a burst of energy to get through a challenging day.. I would highly recommend this product!

  95. Courtney G.

    If you are looking for a green supplement like I have been, I would definitely recommend Energex Greens. The supplement mixes with liquid smoothly, no chalkiness and it’s easily digested. I didn’t love it with just water, but it was fantastic in a protein shake! I don’t know that my sample was enough to notice a huge change in my health, but over a longer duration of taking a superfood supplement like this, I’m sure the benefits would be evident.

  96. Linda C.

    I added it to my regular smoothie at lunch. It tasted great and it did give me more energy. I was down in the dumps that week after the passing of my cousin and it helped perk me up and give me that energy I needed to get on with my weekly chores/work etc. I would definitely recommend it and I would buy this product.

  97. Megan R.

    I really loved this! It had just the right mix of sweetness that it was refreshing without being overpowering. I added some to a smoothie pre-exercise and it both made the smoothie taste, well, smoother, and made me feel great when I needed energy the most. I’m often skeptical of powders, but have to say that this one felt (and tasted!) more natural and effective than most others I’ve tried.

  98. Brittany C.

    Amazing, delicious, so much energy I feel so energized. I am more alert and don’t burnout. I am less tired and I am happy to start my day. I love it

  99. Brittany C.

    Mixed well with my pineapple coconut juice. Very tasty for something so healthy. Would definitely consider buying to see the affects of consistent long term use.

  100. Carla B.

    My husband and I used this in our smoothies. This product had a very nice mixed berry flavour that complimented the other fruits in the smoothie. The “greens” in it did not taste overpowering. He also found he had very good energy in the first portion of the day and brain function was more clear. I have already purchased more of this product and other products from this brand. The ingredients are of high quality and contains no filler or ingredients you don’t need. Thumbs up!

  101. Dawn M.

    Mixed well with my pineapple coconut juice. Very tasty for something so healthy. Would definitely consider buying to see the affects of consistent long term use.

  102. Virginia C.

    Awesome product! I definitely feel more energised and awake now. Not a fan of the taste… but it’s bearable for those who like berry flavours.

  103. Angel L.

    Super delicious and healthy powder. Would definitely recommend. I put it in a blackberry and mango smoothie and it tasted like chocolate for some reason. Was great.

  104. Helia L.

    “Very delicious I am very impressed with this product as it is very healthy and very easy to drink and benefit from all the energy and powerful antioxidants as well as improving my digestion ! Will be on my list from now on !!!”

  105. Dana U.

    Greens Mixed Berry from Enerex is gluten free! Perfect combination of greens and berry superfoods. Such an easy way to maximize my superfood intake and boost my alkalinity. Great to have the probiotic and the brown rice bran too. Tastes good, not too sweet!

  106. Cynthia C.

    This is a great product. I would highly recommend it to everyone on this whole entire planet. I hope that everyone gets it before it’s gone!

  107. Janice A.

    “Loved it! Allot of other greens powders give my diarrhea but this one didn’t. Super easy to drink, smooth not chalky. I prefer it to the liquid greens supplement I currently use. I will totally buy this product #trynatural”

  108. Monica K.

    Excellent blend of super fruit and veggies!! Can’t go wrong–great for vegans and everyone who wants to be healthy. Looking forward to trying out more products from the company!

  109. Reese C.

    A canadian supergreens company perfect! I’ve switched to enerex from quin pro by yo fit which has supplements of hemp and quiona. Enerex are honest labelers as what the have listed with the right amount of each to make a perfect drink . #trynatural

  110. mischelle n.

    I really love this product. I got lucky to try it and discover it. It is very convenient to consume plus it has everything you need to be energize.

  111. Jalene B.

    Loved the taste an gave me energy. Will be buying again in the future . My kids even like the Taste of it an they wouldn’t leave my drink alone lol.

  112. Janice I.

    Amazing is all l can say about this product and so easy to implement into the healthy weekly food regime. Noticeble increase in energy, less aches & body pains in joints and best of all – it tastes great!

  113. simu c.

    I enjoyed this product. I have found it difficult to include greens in my diet and this makes it very easy. I would recommend giving it a try!

  114. Chantel S.

    I received Green Superfood Powder in Mixed Berries to try and review for free from SocialNature. I really liked this product – especially the large amount of healthy ingredients that it has packed into it. It was a great start to the day drink that did not taste nearly as bad as some other similar mixes I have tried. I found that it gave me more energy and a clearer head – almost as good as coffee. I would definitely buy this product again and recommend it to friends.

  115. Marissa W.

    What a great way to get your greens in! I love putting this product in smoothies and I felt as though you could really feel a difference in energy and focus after using it.

  116. Marie L.

    I was feeling low energy and sluggish, I added Enerex Greens to a smoothie and hardly tasted it, at least not in a bad way! Since I only received one packet it is truly hard to say if I had increased energy and endurance but I can say I felt better after adding it to a smoothie. Also my gut felt better for the remainder of my day and my mental clarity was improved. I would love to try Enerex Greens again, and longer term!

  117. Tricia F.

    I LOVED this!! I added it to a smoothie with mango, blueberries and kefir. It tasted super tangy and my kids loved it too. There was no “earthy greens” flavour to this as there sometimes is with greens products. I would for sure buy this again as it’s a great way to supplement an already healthy diet for me and for my kids who aren’t as keen as eating all greens.

  118. Shelley W.

    I put one package in a glass of water and it mixed together really nice, color is not so appealing but surprisingly enough it didn’t taste to bad. It was like a weak berry flavoured drink.

  119. Jenny F.

    Enerex GREENS Mixed Berries taste amazing since having this ive hand more energy been so helpful for my day to day. Love the packaging, been helping my digestion never been happier.

  120. Heili N.

    I mixed it with water and the taste wasn’t great but drinkable! Should have mixed with a smoothie. Needless to say I was energized and felt healthy all day. After reading the ingredients I was pleasantly surprised, this stuff is super packed full of goodness, I would recommend and have already purchased a full size container. I have been using daily for about a week and I can feel a noticeable difference in my stamina and energy.

  121. Lids H.

    I found that this was great to have before a workout, or before work. I felt energized and ready for the day, and I feel as I was more aware of my surroundings, great product! Will recommend to friends and buy!

  122. Yuh Ying S.

    Great flavour! Doesn’t taste like yucky greens, and wasted too sweet or have that artificial sweetness. I’m unsure if I noticed a difference in my body. But it had great ingredients one doesn’t usually get in these types of powders, so I imagine my body soaked it up easily.

  123. Rozeta V.

    Enerex greens helps with digestion gives you stamina, reduces inflammation tastes good with smoothies before a workout in morning keeping you energized throughout the day. Love how it has lots of vitamins and antioxidants.

  124. Angie I.

    I tried my Enerex Greens and I love it. Great taste and it gave me more energy and helped to regulate my system. I just mixed it with water, no clumps very smooth and tasty. Thanks

  125. Angela I.

    I got my Green Superfood Powder and I was excited to try. I mixed it with cranberry juice and water and wow..great taste, no clumps and I even had more energy. The probiotics were great it help to regulate my body Thank you for the chance to try before I buy.

  126. Janice H.

    I have mixed it with my green tea, tasted great and love the rich berries aroma. Not sure if it’s because I used a cup instead of a bottle or sealed container for mixing, some of the heavier powder (bran powder) remained undissolved in the last sip. Wonder if i can sprinkle some on top of the cupcakes and make the same great taste.

  127. Stephanie R.

    I liked this product. A small sample isn’t enough to notice any benefits but the natural antioxidant ingredients are promising. It can easily be added to a smoothy. I have one more package coming and will try adding it to healthy muffins.

  128. Maggie B.

    I like the taste of the Enerex Greens. Most greens powders are too heavily sweetened with stevia – but this one had just the right amount for my taste. Also, it did not taste “too green” I received a one serving sample pack – so I can’t really comment on how effective it was for energy. Would consider buying this based on the taste alone.

  129. HJ N.

    The powder mixed easily and I appreciated that it was gluten-free. Can’t say whether it made me smarter but the mixed berries flavour was really enjoyable! I’d be happy to continue starting my day this way.

  130. Jen B.

    I drank this before a swimming lesson and I think it really helped! I felt like I had more energy, my muscles worked harder and I was more hydrated than usually – no leg cramps!! I think I will use Enerex before any workout now. It would also be great to start the day with – in a smoothie or just on it’s own. I’m definitely hooked not that I’ve tried it. I also like that it is a raw juice powder as I usually eat clean…just one less thing to worry about! Try it – you’ll love it!

  131. Sandra R.

    “I enjoyed trying Enerex greens. Everything in this powder is a benefit to my health. I felt an increased energy all day long. Enjoyable taste- added to my smoothie for a more potent drink! An added bonus is that’s its probiotic

  132. Jessica C.

    The green superfood powder increases my energy and endurance, reduces inflammation and is gluten free and it has a smooth taste, and good for daily use.

  133. Wing L.

    This mixed berries powder has a refreshing taste that I drank daily to improve my energy and make me a better healthy person, I definitely recommend my friends.

  134. heather b.

    “I tried this at two different times once in the morning and once in the evening and both time sI found that the effect was similar

    it worked quickly and effectively would highly recommend it an dI will be buying this on a regular basis”

  135. Josh S.

    I was very happy to find out that these products are gluten and dairy free because these are common gastro irritants. My first thought of the powder was that it was extremely green compared to anything else I’ve tried. I mixed the powder into a smoothie with almond milk and frozen fruit. I felt amazing afterward and had a lot of energy. I would buy this product and recommend it because i felt that it was high quality and not full of any fillers or chemical crap. Don’t be thrown off by the dark green look of the powder it tastes great!

  136. Jessica C.

    I put this powder in an iced tea so it tasted extremely fruity but I could still taste some of the berry flavour. I used it in the morning when I had an extra early shift at work. It helped to wake me up and give me energy to get through the earliest part of the shift! I also like that it has so many benefits and is made of organic ingredients.

  137. Ella H.

    Love this product. Mixed great in a smoothie. Gives you the energy you desire. And made me feel healthy and happy. So wish this was a full size tub of it. 🙂

  138. Umair N.

    Greens Mixed Berry from Enerex is gluten free! Perfect combination of greens and berry superfoods. Such an easy way to maximize my superfood intake and boost my alkalinity. I also like that its not too sweet

  139. Leslie M.

    This is easily one of the best green powders I’ve tried. It tastes fresh and clean with no aftertaste. The taste isn’t over powering. The smell isn’t great but you don’t notice it after it is mixed. It is actually ok on its own with water, but much better mixed with something else. I tried it plain with water, mixed with protein powder only, and also mixed with fruit. It isn’t gritty and doesn’t separate like other brands. The only down side is that it is very sticky, but that could be the nature of the sample size packages. The nutrition profile is fantastic and I like that it is made in Canada/US. I like the values the company embraces on environment, quality, and health. This will be my new go-to green powder.

  140. Carla M.

    Omg I love this ensures I have fibromyalgia and chronic pain all the time and I really need a natural energy booster and tada! I found it ! It’s great! I can actually do stuff around the house! Thanks for the opportunity to try it.

  141. Amber D.

    I put this product into my smoothie I had at lunch time. Sometimes things like this leave a funny taste in your mouth or they change the taste of what you put it into altogether, but this did not. I really enjoyed this. It gave me the energy boost I needed while tasting great and it was super easy to just pour into my drink and mix. I have already recommended this product to my mom and I will be recommending to others. I will also be buying it for myself.

  142. Nicole J.

    I was really excited to receive these samples because I do enjoy making smoothies and adding powder to them. I was impressed with the green superfood powder. Although the colour does change the smoothie, the powder didn’t change the consistency of the smoothie or make it taste chalky going down. And based on the ingredients, I also felt really good about adding it to my smoothie. I will be looking for this product in the store!

  143. Mahalia C.

    The taste was great, not too sweet and not too grassy. I poured the contents of one pouch into about 3 cups of water and had it on my run. It gave me a little bit more energy after my workout than I normally have.

  144. Deanna P.

    Yum! This is the best tasting greens superfood drink I tried currently. This product is exactly what I been looking for to add into my diet. I made a greens and fruit cold drink with only water! Absolutely my favourite green superfood drink.

  145. Shauna D.

    I like the ingredient list on this – no fillers and almost, if not all organic. There are no added sweeteners, not even stevia, which so many green powders use. I have been using another brand of green power, but I really liked this one and would consider switching if it’s easy for me to find at my local grocery store (Whole Foods).

  146. Gabriela S.

    I like taking greens on days that I didn’t have enough veggies. The taste of Greens Superfood powder is unique. I will definitely buy it again.

  147. Carmen G.

    I’m so surprised how much i love the taste of this greens mix! Not only does it have amazing ingredients my body needs, but it tastes delicious and has a very smooth aftertaste……very clean tasting! I love how I can add this to my daily diet and ensure I keep my energy up with 2 kids! I only added water to the mix and voila….shake and drink! This is a go to for every busy parent!

  148. Leanne O.

    I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this product but was pleasantly surprised. I added it to my morning smoothie and was very impressed with the taste. The ingredients were very appealing and the probiotics are an added bonus. I’ve been looking for a good greens supplement for a while, and I think I’ve found the winner!

  149. ANGELA l.

    “Perfect addition to your morning smoothie – Made with raw, juiced greens which means 3 times more nutrients than other greens products….and is gluten free!
    Best of all it increases your energy, improves digestion and is a CANADIAN Company that is both Environmentally and socially conscious.
    I Love it and know you will too!”

  150. Erin P.

    I added this to my morning smoothy and was surprised at how unobtrusive it’s flavour and texture was. I liked it and I’m pleased that it’s both probiotic and gluten free. I would buy this to add to my smoothies regularly.

  151. Mona B.

    I love enerex Greens (the Original) and use it in my smoothie every day. I tried the sample of enerex Greens with Mixed Berries in a smoothie with soaked almonds, a stalk of organic celery, an organic peach, half water/coconut water and blended it until it was smooth & creamy – yum, yum! It was truly delicious and nutritious! I will continue to use the Original enerex Greens as it is less sweet and I am working on reducing my “sweet-tooth”.

  152. Cherry W.

    I had tested this out during my cruise in Alaska. I knew I would be eating bad and would need additional nutrients, energy and digestive help. I can say this product definitely helped me with my energy and the fact that it is alkalizing is amazing. On the cruise on I learned that in order to have a healthy body, reduce fat cells and detox what we need to consume is “alkaline” food group. And apparently kelp/seafood is the most alkaline substance in the world – which this product has. I would seriously consider buying this to incorporate this into my diet!

  153. Angel C.

    Best tasting greens I’ve ever had. I added it to my smoothie and it turned out amazing! My husband who doesn’t eat any vegetables ever was happy to drink the smoothie!!

  154. Cynthia S.

    Eat your greens. We have been told this for most of our lives. Sometimes getting the full amount is pretty hard. Having a pre made greens drink helps me meet my needed intake. Enerex Greens mixes up into a smooth and pleasant tasting drink. I liked to mix it up in the blender and add some frozen fruit to make it into a smoothie. As a Social Nature tester I really appreciated the probiotic component of the top notch quality ingredients.

  155. Christina T.

    Easy to use in smoothies and not unpleasant, taste-wise! I love that it has probiotics for the extra boost to the digestive and immune systems. Recommended!

  156. Carla M.

    I think it is a great product for anyone who has been tired lately and I will vouch that it really works for me i have fibromyalgia and chronic pain and discomfort and I have tried supervisor green it’s wonderful I will definitely buy it thanks for the opportunity!

  157. Elizabeth L.

    Loved the high quality ingredients and lack of crappy fillers that a lot of companies like to put in their powders. Furthermore, this uses monk sugar for a sweetener which a is such a healthy and natural alternative to processed sugar; it has a low glycemic index which i really appreciate. It tasted great too!

  158. Monica R.

    It was really good. My kids especially liked it. I’m still waiting to receive the other flavour (I only received one). Will update if we get too try the other flavour. I will be recommending this product to my friends and family.

  159. Anne P.

    I loved the Energy Greens! Recently I had to go to the hospital for a bunch of tests and knew the day was going to be long and stressful, so I figured that this was a good time to try this in my breakfast smoothie. I found this to be very easy to use and pleasing to the eye and honestly I thought it added taste to my smoothie! I went and had the stressful tests done and have to admit that I still felt good when it was over – even my friend who went with me was surprised as she was the one exhausted lol so I told her all about this and now she is going to buy it. I’ve told a few friends and plan on telling more. Haha I even told the cashier all about it when I bought it the other day.

  160. Gillian H.

    I added this product to my green smoothie. You could definitely taste the powder but it wasn’t overwhelming and was pretty good. It felt like I had more energy through the day.

  161. Yuen T.

    I put some in a smoothie and it still taste good. I been feeling tired I think it’s because it’s been raining. After adding the powder I did feel more awake & it did help relive my stomach from constipation.

  162. Anna K.

    I can feel it doing my body good. Tastes good and mixes really well in smoothies. No grittiness. I am sensitive to gluten these days so love that it is gluten free. Would be good to try other flavours as well.

  163. Miri M.

    “I love it!
    Using it was a great way to start the day – knowing that one pouch contains lots of goodies!
    I will definitely purchase and recommend it.”

  164. Marina H.

    I didn’t have a smoothie to blend my “Green Superfood Powder” into so I just mixed it into a bottle of water, the flavour is okay by itself but I think it would be best mixed into another drink. I made sure to drink it on a day I felt tired and I definitely felt an energy increase afterwards!

  165. Pia P.

    Very good taste, not too sweet. We tried it with water and also in a smoothie. Excellent way to add greens to family’s daily food. Easy way to boost energy.

  166. Laura B.

    I added this to my smoothies everyday! It’s has a really nice taste and felt like I had an extra boost of energy all day! It was great! Want to use again!

  167. Kathleen B.

    Although I cannot attest to an energy or endurance increase, given the sample size, I was very impressed by the ingredients and the flavour. I blended the powder into my family’s smoothies and really enjoyed the enhancement to the smoothie flavour!

  168. Marlena F.

    Loved this in my smoothie! Gave me more energy and clarity than my regular drink. I would totally buy this superfood mix and recommend to my friends.

  169. Bonnie K.

    Th sample packs of this enerex greens that I received were great! I took them both on mornings that I had anticipated more stress than usual and felt quite energized from the drinks..

  170. Kulwinder S

    Well my story started from my own personal health. I battled a lot with stress and anxiety throughout my teenage years. I began having severe digestive issues. After many tests, nothing really was found. Although that was great news, it really shifted my thoughts towards knowing more about nutrition. Later on it came to realization that I was indeed lactose intolerant. I also developed IBS. I was determined to find a natural cure to help ease the discomfort my life was giving me. I began taking greens. I instantly began to notice several key changes. I was becoming more alert, my digestive issues began to go away and my immune system began to improve. I was instantly hooked into natural supplements. That’s really in a nut shell how it all started from me.

    I use the black seed oil and bamboo silica, and I am really excited to try the black oregano product as well as many others from Enerex. It is a wonderful brand and the products I have tried so far have been excellent. Health and overall well being has become my greatest passion and I have a story to share with the public and I can’t go forward without mentioning the positive impact these types of products have contributed. My goal is simple. To help others strive in their health.

  171. Kathy

    I’ve been taking the mixed berries powder for a month now every day. My rosacea has completely cleared up! What amazing product. I’ve been telling everyone I know and passing along your information. Thanks again.

  172. Hannah M.

    Enerex Greens is the best tasting and best quality greens powder I’ve ever tried! I live a plant-based lifestyle and getting enough dark green vegetables into my diet is a top priority for me. On days where I am too rushed to prepare meals that meet my daily vitamin and mineral needs, Enerex Greens saves the day! I have been drinking it every day because I work 2 jobs and need the energy and stamina that Enerex Greens provides, and I don’t have to worry about my diet suffering while I’m super busy because all you need is water to mix it up and turn it into a delicious drink! I have tried other greens powders in the past and spent so much money on products that taste absolutely horrible and wishing I had been able to sample them first before paying for something I hated. Being able to try Enerex for free was a great way to find out how much I love this product and now I will be buying it once I run out of my sample! I have shared it with my friends and family as well who I knew would also benefit from it, and they all agree it’s the best tasting and highest quality greens powder they’ve tried! I rate this 5 stars!

  173. Caroline S.

    I received the Enerex Greens superfood powder in Mixed Berry flavor and I loved it!!! I was low in my expectations with this greens superfood powder because in the past I have had horrible results in taste, texture and color. Hey, color is important. Something that looks like vomit is not pleasant to swallow. Trying this in my smoothie for the first time was a extremely pleasant surprise. It tasted amazing, the color wasn’t pleasant and the texture was smooth. I give it a huge 5*****, A+ review. I definitely intend to get more of it when I run out. The ultimate nutritional smoothie that enhances diet and digestive health. I’m so happy I was chosen to try it out and appreciate the savings coupon.

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