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Patented and traditional ingredients to manage and control your blood sugar.

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Includes Glucevia, a patented extract proven to help regulate blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, and InSea2, a patented extract that helps reduce blood sugar levels after eating, plus Lipoic Acid, Ashwagandha, Chromium, Gymnemma, Cassia to help improve insulin levels, absorption, and utilization.


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3 reviews for Gluco Check

  1. John K

    I have been taking the Gluco Check product for 15 months now. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 18 months ago, and as a health conscious 78 year old man who has never been on prescription drugs, I was hesitant to take Metformin, which is what my Dr. prescribed to me for this condition. I decided that I would try on my own first, and changed my diet moderately, and introduced the Gluco Check product, while monitoring my blood sugar throughout the day. My Dr cannot believe that I have been able to manage my blood sugar without the use of pharmaceuticals the way I have been able to since my diagnosis.

  2. Claire W.

    I love this product! As a busy, 40 yr old working Mom with 4 children, I find it difficult to eat healthy and regularly all the time. I had been finding over the past few years that I would get “Hangry” if I was not eating regular healthy meals/ snacks. I have no problem eating a healthy breakfast, but found I was eating larger portions for dinner, and then eating too many carbohydrates later in the evening. By taking 2 Gluco Check just before the children get home from school, while I am planning or preparing dinner, I find that my portion sizes are smaller, and I am not craving carbohydrates after dinner. I am making smarter, healthier food choices as my blood sugar is balanced, and am not over eating. I love the fact that this product does not suppress my appetite, and that it enables me to make healthier food choices!

  3. Audrey M.

    Part of the challenge with weight loss is cutting out the junk. Especially (for me) the sweet stuff. Being a nutritionist doesn’t mean I’m perfect, just that I know how imperfect I can be on occasion. One area to avoid overlooking is blood sugar control.

    I have used and recommended chromium in the past due to it’s ability to help balance blood sugar levels. Recently I have been using Enerex Gluco Check and have found it to be rather effective. I have found that indeed I am not looking for a sweet to consume. My appetite has been good but controlled throughout the day. It has Glucevia® which can have a blood sugar lowering affect.

    Cinnamon in the formula is known to increase the cell’s ability to take up glucose. Chromium, an old favourite is also in the formula to encourage glucose tolerance. Both will contribute to blood sugar control.

    If you’re looking to get back in shape, improve your eating habits and curb your cravings, you should consider trying this supplement.

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